Appearing This Month

Howie’s Lounge

There's some debate about who'd been hired for the gigs, but most believe it was Jerry Jeff Walker. That didn't keep Jimmy from sharing the spotlight. And a single spot it was, with the stage being the ten square feet normally occupied by Coffee Butler's piano bench in the front window of Howie's Lounge at 109 Duval Street.

Howie employed only females, so the joint drew a willing crowd. The ten or twelve people who cared and knew what they were seeing fought for the barstools that bordered Coffee's grand piano.

They got to witness such spontaneous wonders as "Go-Jo," about Jimmy and Jerry Jeff having to rebuild the front suspension of a old Packard in order to travel down the Keys.

They pulled their lyrics out of smoky air (to which they returned). Memorable performances; too few, too short.

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